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Cylindrical grinding

Our air conditioned workshop has a number of cylindrical grinding machines that we use for both internal and external cylindrical grinding processes. These machines are mostly used for cylindrical grinding of wear parts, tools and machine parts.

Our strength in cylindrical grinding lies in producing small series and single pieces. This is also what the cylindrical grinding section is set up for. In addition to conventional cylindrical grinding machines, we also have a CNC cylindrical grinding machine. This machine is capable of grinding complex shapes and profiles. Furthermore, the CNC cylindrical grinding machine allows for multiple grinding processes, both internal and external, in one setting and can guarantee a high repeat accuracy.

CNC grinding

We have multiple CNC grinding machines controlled by four or five axes. We use these for various purposes; for regrinding and manufacturing various cutting tools, as well as for creating many different specials. Some of our CNC machines are equipped with automatic loading and grinding disc changer for serial production of products and tools with minimum human effort. In addition, multiple CNC machines have a high-speed grinding head for cylindrical grinding in contour of small products.

We monitor the developments within our sector, which is why we make our own programs in free programming for CNC machines. A specific product may require a program the machine is not yet equipped with. Our team develops this program. This way, we get the most from the machine and continue to develop ourselves.

Tool grinding

Our company's origin lies in conventional tool grinding. Today, the conventional tool grinding still plays a import part in Van Besouw Slijptechniek B.V. However, the CNC machines have taken over a major part of the tool grinding. The conventional tool grinding is used for pre-processing and finishing the products and tools.

Over the years, we have built a solid name in regrinding tools and creating special cutting tools in accordance with the design you supply.

Ultrasonic grinding

We have a Sauer Ultrasonic 20 Linear for ultrasonic grinding. This machine uses ultrasonic technique to drill through both carbide and ceramics and process these materials with great precision. The machine is mostly used for complex internal grinding processes. Furthermore, this machine is equipped with product- and tool storage to produce the products with minimum human effort.

Surface grinding

The process of surface grinding often complements the other grinding works. The products are pre-processed on the surface grinding machine and can proceed smoothly to the next processing step. Consider grinding clamping surfaces and indicating height measures on the product.

Of course, if the product only requires surface grinding, that’s not an issue. We are capable of surface grinding tool steel, carbide and ceramics.


In addition to grinding we also polish tools/products. We use the proper polishing equipment, depending on the material and required roughness, to process the product to your needs. In cooperation with Oerlikon Balzers, we can also return your tools coated.


We believe monitoring the appropriate dimensions is a very important step in every process. The entire measuring chamber is air conditioned to take stable measurements. Our monitoring capabilities vary from manual measuring tools, 3D machines to a contour meter and projectors.

We greatly value taking interim measurements of the dimensions. Our staff monitors during the processing. This allows us to timely detect when modifications of the production process are required.

A final inspection of the dimensions we have processed is performed when the product is ready. If required, we deliver your product with an appropriate measurement report.